Manage your campaign from the cloud.

Our SaaS platform allows you to manage, update and query your voter, donor and volunteer data using the platform.
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Custom Tracking & Scoring

Append and enhance your data with custom fields and tags. Track anything from party affiliation, issues, donation history, and calculate voter history scores automatically.

Workflows, Hierarchies & User Permissions

Create staff hierarchies and custom user permissions to set varying degrees of data and functionality access only to those who need it.

Integrated Field Tools

Our GOTV blockwalking application helps you execute and track your ground operations, and can be used from your phone.

Reports & Dashboards

Our drag-and-drop report builder allows you to create complex logic conditions and produce comprehensive reports and dashboards without code.

Comprehensive database and smart visualizations

We’ll start with your voter file and any other data you have. We’re completely data agnostic meaning we can work with whatever data you already have, and we can even assist you in obtaining data if you’re starting from scratch.

After we configure your database and help identify the fields and tags you want to track, you’ll be able to start querying your data instantly, running reports and creating lists.

From there you can automate visualizations of all kinds – from simple to complex – to analyze your data and maximize your decision-making. You can also schedule emails to staffers of your choosing who will then receive up-to-date dashboards daily, weekly, monthly – or at whatever rate you define.

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Up your ground game

Our integrated field tools are built right into the database.

Your field team can create custom surveys, walklists, and maps, and assign them to volunteers and blockwalkers. Custom filter options allow you to toggle on and off any filter you create – age, party, gender – while custom sort options allow blockwalkers to quickly rearrange the households on the walklist to match their style of door knocking.

Blockwalkers then have the option to take surveys door-to-door paperlessly using our mobile application that will update voter records in real-time, or they can use the traditional pen and paper method. Our easy-to-use data recorder makes transcribing paper walklists a breeze.

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The process


Data Load & Configuration

We'll upload your data and work with your team to configure fields, layouts and workflows that meet your preferences.


Customizations & Integrations

View your data the way you want, and integrate the 3rd party vendors and tools you're already using.


Training & consulting

We'll train your team to maximize your database. And as campaign experts, we also offer strategy consulting and day-to-day data management.

Custom Fields & Tags

With up to 500 available fields and tags, we can configure your database to track anything you want, including automated scoring and formula fields.

Visual Dashboards

View your data and items you are tracking with charts and graphs that help you make decisions efficiently.

Advanced Reporting

Use the industry-leading Salesforce reports builder to query your data without code. From simple lists, to complex reports, we can do it all.

Blockwalking Tools

Create walklists and maps for your groundgame. Volunteers can use either the mobile application for blockwalking or traditional pen and paper.

Geospatial Tools

We can help you leverage GIS data to create heat maps, distribution maps, and other geospatial visualizations.

Scheduled Reports

Create and automate reports that can be sent to you and select staff members on a regular basis - daily, weekly, monthly, whenever!

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